Mirrors and Things


i am sick of boys getting a slightly feminine haircut and saying “i look like a lesbian”, i am sick of girls getting a short haircut and saying “i look like a lesbian, i am sick of people doing something a certain way and saying that they are acting like lesbian. i am sick of my sexuality being used to convey an expression of something bad or something ugly. 

oase-scheletice said: ask for help in seeing and noticing things that they do wrong that they don't understand is racist, for example I don't know many people who would consider wearing moccasins racist/CP, then why turn them away or be rude to them and insult them when they're trying to do literally the exact thing you tell them to do?


Because white people can’t be greedy and take everything a second time from Native people. It’s ours, not theirs. It’s sacred to us, not to be to whitewashed by Americans who don’t want to know the truth what happened here and all the Natives.